Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thank you RemTec Emergency Recharge Response Team!!

RemTec would like to recognize our RemTec Emergency Recharge Response Team Members for their quick and quality service the last two weekends. One of our customers had two fire protection system discharges on two different weekends, for two different agents.

The RemTec phone chain started in one case at 12:35 AM. This phone chain was created to put our team members on alert and inform them of the situation. The information that is passed to each person is the type of agent needed, type of tank and the date with the specific time needed for delivery to the customer.

Once the information is received by our team members, they know what’s required and does their part in making these situations go as smooth as possible, whether it’s coming in to paint and recharge the certain cylinders or scheduling the logistics.

We are proud to always be on call and reliable for our customers because we know that fire protection waits for no one.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Warm up Winter Blues sell your Halon for Cash!

The weather might still be frightful…..But some Cash would be delightful!!!

RemTec International would like to warm you up with some $$$ for your Halon.
RemTec is buying your decommissioned Halon 1301, Halon 1211, HFC-227ea, HFC-236fa and HFC-125.

Do you need a Recharge? RemTec has recharge services available for Halon 1301, HFC-227ea, HFC-236fa, HFC-125 and Novec™ system cylinders. Call today for a RemTec Quick Quote.

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