Tuesday, May 25, 2010

RemTec's Halon & Shipping Departments

Don’t Be Taken For Granted!

RemTec International would like to earn your Halon and alternative fire suppression business. From the moment you contact RemTec International regarding your Halon sale or system recharges, we want to work hard for you to prove that you’re not just another sale. Providing outstanding customer service and quick turn around for your customers is not something that you should hope for, it’s something you receive, every time you do business with RemTec International.
Let us help you!

RemTec International is currently buying, Halon 1211, Halon 1301, HFC-227 (FM-200*), Novec 1230** and HFC-125.

We have all of these agents in stock, recycled, certified and ready for your recharge or bulk purchase needs.

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Please contact Terri Aufrance or Jaclyn Schilkey at 1-800-372-1301

Please visit our website for more information about RemTec International!

*FM-200 is a trademark of DuPont.
**Novec 1230 is mad by and a trademark of 3M

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

RemTec International Extends a Five-Year Agreement with DoloMatrix as Exclusive Representative for Plasma Arc ODS Destruction Technology

RemTec International Extends a Five-Year Agreement with DoloMatrix as Exclusive Representative for Plasma Arc ODS Destruction Technology in North America - Producing High Quality Offset Credits for the Carbon Compliance Market

BOWLING GREEN, OH, USA – (Business Wire) – RemTec International, the largest privately-owned reclaimer of halons and refrigerants, announced today the extension of its five year agreement with Dolomatrix International, Ltd., to be the exclusive representative for SRL Plasma’s Plascon® equipment in North America, designed to destroy Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS). The DoloMatrix destruction technology along with RemTec’s patented recovery and reclaiming equipment, produces carbon offset credits that exceed the requirements of a newly released Climate Action Reserve (CAR) Ozone Depleting Substances Project Protocol. This protocol delivers permanent greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions for the carbon compliance market.

“The combination of our technologies and services provides the ultimate in transparency, tracking and accountability. In addition, Plasma Arc Destruction is environmentally superior to high temperature incineration.”

“We can provide superior carbon offset credits because the combined technologies of RemTec and DoloMatrix use Technology & Economic Assessment Panel (TEAP) testing methodology, specifically designed to measure the destruction of ODS. In addition, our detailed tracking and documentation system follows individual shipments from the source to final destruction. When combined with our online real-time computer monitoring, our system provides complete transparency to carbon offset providers, verifiers and outside regulatory agencies on a 24 hour basis.

“This represents the first phase in our efforts to establish regional facilities that offer cradle to grave management of halons and refrigerant gases that are high ozone depleters, or that are high in global warming potential. In addition to our existing processing plant in Bowling Green, Ohio future operations are also planned in the Middle East and Asia.”

Mr. Marcus concluded by saying, "Through the combination of our proprietary technologies, we are able to offer an enhanced ODS Destruction Protocol. This is very timely, especially considering certain recent Amendments to Senate Bill 1733, Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act, that were introduced by Senators John Kerry (D-MA), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and Joe Lieberman (I-CT). This Bill specifically recognizes offset credits for ODS destruction for both domestic and international projects.”


Established in 1986, RemTec International is a world leader in the recovery, reclamation and destruction of Halons and Refrigerants. RemTec’s Halocarbon Management Program uses patented technologies that avoid emissions that either destroy the ozone layer, or add to global warming potential. RemTec's unique approach facilitates safe disposal of unwanted Halons, CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs on a worldwide basis. These hazardous substances are recovered, reclaimed, and in some cases destroyed in accordance with all domestic and international regulatory standards. For more information, please visit http://www.remtec.net

RemTec International
1100 Haskins Road
Bowling Green, Ohio, 43402

419-867-3279 (Facsimile)
800-372-1301 (Toll Free / North America)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Emergency Clean Agent Recharges

RemTec provides a 24 Hour Emergency Recharge Program that has been beneficial to our customers who have utilized this service because their fire protection systems have discharged. We can pull a cylinder from our inventory, recharge and recertify the cylinder and have it shipped back to the customer all within 24 hours of their initial call. We have an emergency recharge number, 419-466-6238, and our technicians are always on call. This is the service you should expect from RemTec International.

We recharge Halon 1301, HFC-227ea, HFC-125, HFC-236fa and Novec 1230. In the event of an emergency contact Terri AuFrance at 419-466-6238 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

RemTec is buying used and unwanted Halon 1301, Halon 1211, HFC-227ea, HFC-125, HFC-236fa and Novec 1230.

Give us a call for more details, 1-800-372-1301

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Joint Meeting of the Regional Ozone Networks for Europe & Central Asia (ECA) and South Asia (SA), Istanbul & Turkey

Ron Marcus attended the Joint Meeting of the Regional Ozone Networks for Europe & Central Asia (ECA) and South Asia (SA), Istanbul, Turkey, 26-30 April 2010 as a resource person that supported the meeting as a RemTec International representative. To read more about this meeting and presentations click here...

National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (NAFED)

Come see Terri and Jaclyn at Booth# 11 at the NAFED show in St. Louis May 6th & 7th. Don't forget to pickup some pens and ice cubes. Mention you saw this and get some golf balls!