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DOT Updates Courtesy of NAFED


DOT Updates for Jan. 2013

The DOT has issued its final rule regarding the transportation of fire extinguishers. Read on to learn the latest updates.
The United States Department of Transportation, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Administration (PHMSA) has issued a final rule regarding Docket No. PHMSA-2009-0126 (HM-215K); RIN 2137-AE83.

This final rule has a major impact on the transportation of fire extinguishers. NAFED’s federal regulations committee has reviewed this final rule and will submit a more detailed report in the near future. Detailed information will also be provided at NAFED’s DOT Train-the-Trainer Seminar in Austin, Texas, on March 1, 2013. In addition, a four-hour pre-conference DOT seminar is scheduled for all three of NAFED’s 2013 conferences. For more information and to register for any of these seminars please visit the event calendar.

Some of the key points addressed in this new rulemaking are:
  1. Fire extinguishers that are being transported to or from a facility for service (e.g., recharging, hydrostatic testing, internal maintenance, etc.) may be transported as Material of Trade (MOT) in accordance with CFR 49 §173.6. This would include carbon dioxide fire extinguishers or other fire extinguishers that do not meet the DOT 173.309 definition of fire extinguisher. Please note that the maximum amount of MOT allowed by the regulations is 440 pounds. Also all fire extinguishers transported as MOT must be labeled and marked as per Table 172.101 (UN1044, Fire Extinguisher; UN1013, Carbon Dioxide, etc.)
  2. 49 CFR §173.309, Fire Extinguisher, was drastically revised by the DOT. This section was reorganized to clarify the requirements based upon the type of cylinder used. Series 3 and 4 specification cylinders are addressed in §173.309(a), specification 2P and 2Q cylinders are addressed in §173.309(b), and non-specification cylinders are addressed in §173.309(c)
  3. §173.309(c) (5) states: “Each non-specification fire extinguisher must be packaged as an inner packaging within a combination outer packaging. Examples of acceptable outer packagings for non-specification fire extinguishers include large cartons, racks, cages, or other suitable enclosures.”
  4. §173.309(d) states that fire extinguishers shipped as limited quantity “are excepted from shipping papers (except when offered for transportation by aircraft or vessel), labeling (except when offered by transportation by aircraft) placarding…”
NAFED’s federal regulations committee recommends the following for compliance:
  • Any fire extinguisher that is not enclosed in a carton should have a label indentifying it as a UN1044 Fire Extinguisher.
  • All fire extinguishers must be properly secured in the vehicle at all times when in transportation.
  • Stored-pressure wheeled units must be labeled and included on a shipping paper.
  • Currently all packagings containing Limited Quantity fire extinguishers may be marked with UN 1044 Fire Extinguishers up until the end of 2014. After that time, with the new requirement, the outside packagings will have to be marked with the Limited Quantity square-on-point limited quantity label shown in CFR 49 §172.315.

NAFED realizes that there may be some confusion with these latest changes so we are offering the training opportunities listed above, and we will issue additional information at a later date. As with any major regulatory change, there can be different interpretations. The federal regulations committee wishes to provide an accurate analysis of these regulations and, if required, we will submit formal requests for interpretations.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Jersey Association of Fire Equipment Distributors

Mark Your Calendar

for the

NJAFED Winter Meeting


February 27th, 2013


Radisson Hotel – Freehold (new location)

50 Gibson Place

Freehold Township, NJ  07728

(732) 780-3400


Evening Schedule of Events

5:30pm – Reception

7:00pm – Dinner

8:00pm – Program


New for 2013…

Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Limited to ONLY (3) vendors / suppliers

Each sponsor receives:

  • 6’ display table for product or literature
  • name on sponsor card at each dinner table
  • name on meeting notice (mailed & emailed)
  • admission (for one) to the reception and dinner
  • networking opportunity with the attendees throughout the evening


Sponsorship Opportunity Fee = $200.00


Those interested in sponsoring the Winter (February 27, 2013) Meeting

should contact the NJAFED office no later than

February 1st, 2013 to reserve their sponsorship opportunity.

Florida Fire Equipment Dealers Association

In this month's issue of The Flame we would like to introduce you to our featured speakers.  
They will be speaking at this year's 2013 Annual Conference, Tradeshow and Celebration. 
Keep an eye out for next month's issue to keep you up-to-date on everything related to the upcoming event in June of 2013! We are celebrating with a sports theme, so don't miss the Charity Golf Tournament, the Trade Show and All Stars Breakfast and the Fifty Years with FFEDA Anniversary Celebration Dinner!
  We are pleased to introduce our Featured Speakers - Bruce Carter and J.R. Nerat
If you have attended FFEDA conferences in the pa st, chances are, you have met Bruce Carter. From extinguisher technician to sales representative to vice president of sales, Bruce Carter has truly "been there" in our industry, boasting fire equipment and new account sales production records that have remained  unbroken for nearly thirty years!
Carter has equally impressive credentials as a seminar leader and keynote presenter as well. As a former speaker for his Dallas based training organization, Bruce was groomed by the legend and world's number one motivational speaker, himself ... Zig Ziglar.
As the President of North American Fire Sales, Bruce travels two hundred days each year, sharing rock solid sales strategies with fire equipment professionals across the United States and Canada. He teaches them how to increase market share while maintaining solid profit margins.

Bruce has been a featured speaker for many organizations including the National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (NAFED), the Fire Apparatus Manufacturers Association (FAMA), the Automatic Fire Alarm Association (AFAA) and the Fire Equipment Dealers Associations of Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Georgia, to name a few.
In addition to conducting large association and corporate training events each year, Bruce also conducts 150 in-house sales and motivational seminars annually exclusively for the fire equipment industry and provides one-on-one success coaching for sales and service technicians, sales representatives and managers.

J.R. Nerat is the Technical Manager for Badger
Fire Protection and one of the industry's most recognized technical experts. His extensive experience and background within the fire protection industry is highly regarded both domestically and internationally. He also has extensive experience in areas of product design, testing, installation, application and service of fire protection equipment.
Mr. Nerat holds appointments on several NFPA technical committees including:
  • NFPA-10 Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • NFPA-17 Dry Chemical Systems
  • NFPA-17A Wet Chemical Systems
  • NFPA-610 Motorsports Venues
  • NFPA-385 Tank Vehicles for Flammable & Combustible Liquids
  • NFPA-410 Aircraft Maintenance
  • NFPA Industrial Section on the Portable Fire Extinguisher Technical committee
J.R. consults for various national and state organizations, major corporations, legal firms, insurance interests, approval agencies, foreign governments and lectures at various industry related functions, including the International Industrial Fire School at Texas A&M University, where he serves as a "Master Instructor". He is Pro Board Certified for Fire Service Instructor 1041 and Industrial Fire Brigade Advanced Exterior 1081. He also holds a position on the Extinguisher Technician Certification Board through the ICC (International Code Council).
You will not want to miss Bruce Carter, J.R. Nerat, and many other exciting speakers at this year's 50th Anniversary! They all have a wealth of knowledge to share with you!    

More Information
We Need Your Help!
Join us in celebrating by submitting photos, videos and stories about FFEDA during the past 50 years. We are interested in collecting:
● Old and new photos of FFEDA events, members and attendees.
● Stories about your experiences with the association and at our events.
● Videos of you and your team wishing FFEDA a happy anniversary
● Any materials that you feel show what FFEDA has become in the past 50 years!
Send all materials to the FFEDA Office as soon as possible so we can incorporate them into our onsite conference presentations!
Keep an eye out
for next month's issue of the Flame where we will highlight more exciting events that will be happening during our 2013 Annual Conference, Trade Show & 50th Anniversary Celebration!


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Monday, January 7, 2013

Officials: Smoke filled the cabin of Dreamliner in Logan fire — minutes after passengers had disembarked

A fire that began in a battery in the underbelly of a Japan Airlines Boeing 787 jetliner at Logan International Airport this morning filled the plane’s cabin with heavy smoke just minutes after passengers had disembarked, Massport officials said today.

Flight 8 arrived from Tokyo at about 10:15 a.m. carrying 173 passengers and 11 crew members, Massport aviation director Edward Freni said at a news conference. After passengers left the plane through the jetbridge, at about 10:30 a.m., airline mechanics reported smoke. Massport firefighters were there within three minutes, he said.

Massport Fire Rescue Chief Robert J. Donahue said firefighters encountered heavy smoke in the entire cabin of the plane and used thermal imaging devices to determine the source of the fire.
“We found a fire condition about midships in the avionics compartment underneath,” he said. He said the fire began in a battery that was part of an auxiliary power unit that is only used when the plane is on the ground and its engines are turned off.

The fire was extinguished within an hour, officials said. Donahue said firefighters used the halotron fire extinguishing agent. No injuries were reported.

The National Transportation Safety Board said it would send investigators to Boston to look into the incident, the latest of several electrical and mechanical mishaps involving the much-anticipated high-tech plane known as the Dreamliner.

On Dec. 5, the Federal Aviation Administration ordered inspections of all 36 787s in service after it received reports of fuel leaks on two aircraft operated by foreign airlines. Several incorrectly assembled fuel couplings on in-service and in-production 787s were subsequently discovered. The conditions could result in fuel leaks that could lead to a loss of power or fire, according to the FAA directive.

Boeing is also investigating electrical issues on the Dreamliner after incidents involving at least four aircraft, according to several published news reports. A United Airlines flight from Houston to Newark was diverted to New Orleans last month after an electrical problem occurred mid-flight, and Qatar Airways later said it grounded a 787 for the same reason. United took another jet out of service to replace a power panel and generator, and a power panel on an aircraft set to be delivered to Qatar Airways was replaced following a test flight.

The Dreamliner, which is made with durable, lightweight composites, relies heavily on its electrical system, using more electricity to power its primary and secondary systems than conventional planes do.

“We are aware of the event and working with our customer,” Boeing said in a statement. The FAA issued a statement saying it was “looking into” the incident. The Japan Airlines public relations office didn’t immediately return a message seeking comment.

Freni said he believed that this particular plane had gone into service only recently, in the past few weeks.

He said he had seen the plane land from his office. “I saw it taxiing. There was no indication of smoke at that point,” he said.

Flight 8 was expected to turn around and fly back this afternoon, but it has now been grounded.
The Dreamliner nonstop flight connecting Boston and Tokyo has been a pivotal part of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s efforts to expand trade between Massachusetts and Asia.
Passengers who had been aboard the flight said they were unaware that a fire had broken out.
Noriyuki Sakai, an engineer visiting Boston on business, said, the flight was “very usual, and there were no problems.”

“Oh, that’s where it was?” a surprised Yutaro Yamaguchi, 16, said. “I didn’t smell anything.”

Globe correspondents Todd Feathers and Lauren Dezenski contributed to this report.