Friday, February 17, 2012

Covenant basement evacuated temporarily for hazmat

By James Clark

Lubbock firefighters were called to Covenant Medical Center for a hazmat situation just before 4:50 AM Friday. Shortly after the first firefighters arrived, the hazmat team was then called.
There was one report of an injury, a security guard who had trouble breathing.

Michael Lewis, Lubbock Fire Department Division Chief, said, "They've had one person taken to the E.R. for some inhalation, and have him checked out. We're not positive it's related to this but it could be."

KCBD NewsChannel 11 was able to confirm a discharge of halon in the computer room of the Covenant basement and the basement was evacuated for a time. Halon is a fire suppression substance. Officials at the scene were not sure why the halon was discharged, which was followed by an automated fire alarm.

People were allowed back into the basement by about 5:45.

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