Wednesday, June 5, 2013

National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors

Certification Renewals

If you have earned a certification from the ICC/NAFED or NAFED certification programs, you know that they must be renewed every three years. Information regarding the renewal process, policies, and application is available from the NAFED website. By logging in to the website, you can verify your certification status and check your renewal date.

It is important that you include accurate information on your renewal application. Only check those areas that you are certified in. Some applications are received where all four areas of certification are checked off for renewal when the individual only holds certification in one or two disciplines. This delays the renewal process because we have to verify if the individual is indeed certified in all of the areas that are checked. This takes time and adds to the expense of renewal processing. If this practice continues, NAFED may have to look at charging a special fee for processing erroneous applications.

To expedite the renewal application process, it is recommended that the application include copies of certificates or descriptions of any education credits from the past three years that are being used for renewal. Failure to include this information could result in an application being held for a verification audit. This would delay the issuance of a renewal and depending on a licensing jurisdiction, could delay the applicant's ability to obtain a new license/permit from the state.

New Board Members Elected

NAFED has elected new board members for the 2013-16 term. Following the 2013 annual meeting in Chicago, NAFED instated three new board members who will serve out three-year terms:
  • Region Two Director: Bill Johnson, Mid State Fire Equipment, Lake Placid, Florida
  • Region Four Director: Bob Sorensen, FireGuard, Omaha, Nebraska
  • Director-at-Large: Daniel Laughlin, ProTec Fire Protection, Loganville, Georgia
Congratulations and welcome to our new board members.

Extinguisher Requirement Proposed Following Limo Fire

Following a fatal limo fire on the San Mateo Bridge in May 2013, State Senator Jerry Hill, representing San Mateo, California, has put forward a bill requiring fire extinguishers on limousines of less than 10 occupant capacity.

The proposed bill, SB-338 Fire extinguishers: limousines, adds the following text to the state vehicle code:
28062. (a) Every limousine shall be equipped with one fully charged fire extinguisher having at least a 4B:C rating.
(b) For the purposes of this section, “limousine” includes any sedan or sport utility vehicle, of either standard or extended length, with a seating capacity of not more than 10 passengers including the driver, used in the transportation of passengers for hire on a prearranged basis within this state.

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