LANSDALE, PA — James Golinveaux, senior fellow of water suppression products at Tyco Fire Protection Products (Tyco) has been named the 2014 Henry S. Parmelee Award recipient.
The Parmelee Award was established by the American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) in 1983 to recognize an outstanding individual who has dedicated him/herself to the professional advancement of the fire sprinkler industry. The award is named for Henry Parmelee, who is recognized as the inventor of the first commercially successful closed fire sprinkler.
With more than 32 years of experience in the fire protection industry, Golinveaux becomes the first Tyco employee to receive the award. Throughout his years of service, Golinveaux has made multiple advances in the industry, and holds 21 U.S. and 29 foreign patents in automatic sprinkler technologies. Additionally, he currently has 38 pending applications for foreign and U.S. patents.
“I was always interested in fire. My father was a firefighter and chief, so there were always NFPA [National Fire Protection Association] handbooks sitting around the house growing up,” said Golinveaux. “It’s a true honor to receive the Parmelee Award. I’m proud to work in an industry that helps make a difference in people’s lives every day.”
Dedication to the Industry
Golinveaux has spent the majority of his career serving on various industry boards and councils around the world. He is a member on the board of trustees for the Fire Protection Research Foundation, as well as the Factory Mutual Advisory, AFSA Technical Advisory Council and Manufacturers/Suppliers Council, National Fire Sprinkler Association, International Fire Sprinkler Association and the Fire Sprinkler Association of Brazil. He also represents Tyco on the North American Advisory Council to FM Global.
“James has been one of our premier individuals at Tyco for more than 23 years, and we’re thrilled that he has been recognized by the industry and his peers for his contributions in fire protection,” said Colleen Repplier, president of Tyco Fire Protection Products. “The past three decades of the fire suppression industry have been shaped by his influence. He is very deserving of the award.”
Golinveaux has been a member of NFPA and NFPA 13 Technical Committee for more than 20 years. He also serves as a technical committee member for NFPA 88a, Standard for Parking Structures; NFPA 101, Life Safety Code®; and NFPA 5000, Building Construction and Safety Code®. Golinveaux has also chaired the Storage Task Group for the last 15 years. Additionally, he is a subject matter expert contributing to the past two editions of NFPA Fire Protection Handbook and NFPA 13 Handbook, and sits on the NFPA Standards Council.
When his nomination for the award came to the ASFA Board of Directors, it was accepted unanimously.
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