Tuesday, March 30, 2010

HFC Emergency Notification

To: The Fire Protection Industry Representatives

From: RemTec International, Bowling Green, Ohio, USA

Subject: HFC-227ea and HFC-125 Contaminated Products

This is an emergency notification to the fire protection industry regarding contaminated HFC-227ea and HFC-125 used in total flood clean agent applications.

RemTec has learned through tests conducted in its laboratory and confirmed by an outside independent laboratory, that newly produced HFC agents manufactured from an unknown foreign source has failed to meet industry standards for moisture, and are also high in particulates and fixed gases. Although we are assuming that these agents were shipped into the United States in ISO containers, it has since been downloaded into smaller bulk containers for sale to fire equipment distributors in the United States.

If you suspect that you may have some of this material, RemTec is offering for a limited time to provide free testing of your HFC inventory.

As a matter of procedure and for assurance to our customers, RemTec tests every (individual) bulk container before it is shipped to our customers. We certify that 100% of RemTec’s inventory material meets at a minimum NFPA 2001 Standards. RemTec also tests to other industry Standards, such as ASTM, ISO, and AHRI-700 upon request.

If you need further information or have questions, please contact Terri AuFrance at

800-372-1301, or terri.aufrance@remtec.net

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