Monday, March 11, 2013

A-Gas RemTec Available 365 Days a Year, Coast to Coast

A-Gas RemTec has a 24 Hour Platinum Recharge Service for Halon 1301, HFC-227ea, HFC-125 and Novec 1230. Our Green Team provides RemTec Quick Quotes within an hour of your request. We handle all types of situations and provide the quickest turnaround. We have a large inventory of refurbished system bottles from many leading manufacturers. Any day of the week, no matter the time A-Gas RemTec is on-call 24 hours for you. Your emergency is our top priority.

A-Gas RemTec also purchases used and unwanted Halon 1301, Halon 1211, HFC-236fa, HFC-125 and Novec 1230. We handle the shipping charges and prepare all of the documentation involved.

A-Gas RemTec can handle any cylinder, any where, coast to coast.

Contact Terri AuFrance, Sandy Hoffman and the Green Team for more information and Quick Quotes.
**For Emergencies call Terri’s Cell Phone 419-466-6238**

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