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A monthly news update from the FSSA
Issue 54, February 2013


FSSA's New Training Program
FSSA announced the launch of a new On-line Training Program designed to educate and train personnel within the fire suppression industry. This new initiative, according to Shawn Mullen, Protex Central, FSSA Training Committee, "will enable member companies and others to take advantage of on-line training at a very reasonable cost. We are very enthused about the benefits of the Training Program and what it means to many people in their career educational path."
The Training Program is a result of several years work and effort of many people. It is divided in to four work areas: two basic and two advanced.

These custom courses are based on our products, procedures, practices and systems. FSSA has teamed with Flex Training to offer training that adapts to a person's learning. It is a collaborative model that offers:

* Multimedia, learner exercises, quizzes, exams
* Easy-to-master planning and tracking tools
* Training based on solid educational best practices by course development experts
* Template-based learning with consistent outcomes and knowledge retention

After satisfying the elements and testing in each work area, students will receive a certificate of completion.

For a listing of the four work areas and related elements, as well as pricing information, please click here.

FSSA thanks all of those persons assisting in this effort including David McGlynn, Derek Wester, Tom Wysocki, Dan Hubert, George Keeley, and Shawn Mullen.
A FSSA Member company may purchase a "seat license" for an employee of the company. This seat license can be used for one level or all four levels.  There is no expiration date for the seat license. A company may purchase as many seat licenses as it wishes. The seat license would be dedicated to a specific individual and would not be transferrable.

FSSA's New Officers
The Fire Suppression Systems Association (FSSA) elected officers and directors to lead the organization. Dale Kent, 3M Corporation, was elected president and will serve a one-year term. Eric Burkland, Healey Fire Protection, was elected Vice President, while Tim Carman, Tyco Fire Protection, will serve as Secretary Treasurer, also for one-year terms. Carla Pizzarello, Advanced Safety Systems, will continue to serve on the Board of Directors as Immediate Past President.
In the Installers Division, Bill Blanchard, Great Lakes Building Systems, was elected Chair, and Anna Gavin, Fireline Corporation was elected Vice Chair. Eric Burkland; Rick Scott, BFPE International; and John Lawlor, Keystone Fire Protection, were elected to the Board of Directors for a two-year term ending in 2015. Steve Carter, Orr Protection Systems; Roddy Bieber, Api Systems Group; and Matt Euson, 3S Inc., continue to serve on the Board for an additional year.
Paul Harris, Honeywell Fire Systems, was elected Chair for another one-year term, as was Jon Demeter, Wesco HMB, as Vice Chair of the Manufacturers Division. Gerry Connolly, UTC Climate, Controls and Security; Helen Lowery, DuPont Fluoroproducts; and Bill Howerton, Fike Corporation, were re-elected to the FSSA Board of Directors for a two-year term ending in 2015.
Joe Ziemba, 3M Coporation, was named Marketing Committee Chair; Jonathan Ingram, UTC, will serve as Membership Chair; Carla Pizzarello will tackle the FSSA Program activities; and Shawn Mullen will continue to serve as Chair of the FSSA Training Program, with the help of Steve Foulk, Comprehensive Fire Technologies as Vice Chair.

Representatives for FSSA on NFPA Committees -
Applications Due to FSSA by March 15, 2013

FSSA is currently accepting applications for the FSSA Principal positions on the following NFPA Committees:

NFPA 18 - Water Additives for Fire Control & Vapor Mitigation - WAB-AAA
NFPA 33 & 34 – Finishing Processes FAA-AAA
NFPA 170 - Fire Safety and Emergency Symbols - FIS-AAA
NFPA 318 - Semiconductor and Related Facilities - Cleanrooms - CLR-AAA
NFPA 2010 - Fixed Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Systems

FSSA is also accepting applications for FSSA Alternate positions on these NFPA Committees: 
NFPA 17 & 17A – Dry & Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems DRY-AAA
NFPA 18 - Water Additives for Fire Control & Vapor Mitigation - WAB-AAA
NFPA 33 & 34 – Finishing Processes FAA-AAA
NFPA 37 – Internal Combustion Engines - INT–AAA
NFPA 72-CH7- Testing and Maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems NFA-TMS
NFPA 72-CH 26- Supervising Station Alarm and Signaling Systems - SID–SSS
NFPA 101 – Building Service and Fire Protection Equipment - SAF–BSF
NFPA 170 - Fire Safety and Emergency Symbols - FIS-AAA
NFPA 301 – Merchant Vessels - MER–AAA
NFPA 318 - Semiconductor and Related Facilities - Cleanrooms - CLR-AAA
NFPA 2010 - Fixed Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Systems

If you are elected as an FSSA representative, you must sign and agree to adhere to the FSSA Technical Committee Representation Policy. Therefore, please review the policy carefully. You will want to pay close attention to section 1.0 which explains Appointment of Representatives and section 2.2 which outlines the responsibilities of alternate representatives.
Click here to view and print.

If you are interested in representing FSSA on any of the committees listed above, please complete the application below and return it to FSSA headquarters by Noon Eastern Time – March 15, 2013 by fax: 410-931-8111 or via email:
Click here for the NFPA Application (return to FSSA, not NFPA)
The FSSA Technical Committee will review the applications and will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors for final approval. FSSA will then be submitting its recommended representatives to NFPA for review.

If you have any questions, please call FSSA Headquarters at (410) 931-8100. Thank you.


Technical Committee Meeting Minutes
The FSSA Technical Committee held their meeting on Friday, February 22, 2013 during the FSSA Annual Forum in Bonita Springs, Florida. There were over 30 people in attendance.

Click here to view the minutes from the meeting.

Perfect Attendance
Roger and Carolyn Bourgeois, Bourgeois & Associates, Inc, Houma, LA, score a 100% rating for attending EVERY FSSA Annual Meeting and Forum since 1982. Roger and Carolyn have not missed one meeting since FSSA's founding!! Bourgeois & Associates, Inc. is a Charter Member of FSSA, and Roger Bourgeois is a past president of the organization. Congratulations Roger and Carolyn!! 

Are You an FSSA Ambassador?
Interested in passing along information on FSSA to prospective members? FSSA has printed cards proclaiming “WHY Join the FSSA” with information on member benefits. If you would like a stack of cards mailed to you so that you can distribute them to your colleagues, please contact FSSA Headquarters.


Lenmark Receives FSSA Leadership Award

The award is generally presented at the Fire Suppression Systems Association's Annual Meeting, but since Voigt and Mary Jean were vacationing in Maui during the meeting, the FSSA Board of Directors voted unanimously to present this special award during his retirement party on November 17, 2012, during his retirement party.
Voigt “V2” Lenmark Jr was presented with the FSSA Leadership Award and is now the fourth recipient in the fire suppression industry to receive this award. The FSSA Leadership Award recognizes those individuals who have displayed leadership and dedication to the industry.

Voigt was a founder of FSSA and served in several positions including president in 1992. His steadfastness and business acumen helped not only his company but FSSA as well, especially during the formative years of the association. Voigt led by example and blazed a trail for FSSA when times were difficult. He proved that the association was indeed a valuable entity, and today FSSA is stronger and more vital than ever.

After 43 years in the fire protection business, FSSA congratulates V2 and wishes both him and Mary Jean a happy retirement! V2 officially retired at the end of December 2012.


FSSA 2014 Annual Forum - San Diego
The FSSA 32nd Annual Forum location is confirmed.  Mark your calendar for February 22 - 25, 2014.

Book your hotel reservations now at the
Loews Coronado Bay Resort by calling 1-800-815-6397.  FSSA has a special group rate of $219/per night.

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